Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Addie's Birthday-Palooza!

The Birthday celebration was a success! Can't go wrong with Dr. Seuss theme..So many fun things to do! (my mind ran wild for months) Hard to believe my little girl is ONE! A huge thank you to our many family and friends that came to celebrate Addie! We received so many fun books to add to her library! 
Thank you, Thank you Everyone!

Happy first birthday Addie girl, We love you so much!!
Oh me, Oh my!
How nice of you to stop by!


  1. That is the cutest birthday party I have ever seen! You are an adorable mother Candice! I can't believe your baby is already one year old! Happy Birthday Addie!

  2. Oh me oh my is right! That is the cutest bday party ever! I can't believe all the good ideas you had! I think you should be a professional party planner!! So cute!

  3. This party is seriously amazing!!! It looks like it should be in a magazine! How cute. I just know Avery would love to be friends with Addie. To answer your question, I just go onto pinterest and type in subway art or specifically state the holiday, 4th of july subway art. It is so fun to decorate for each holiday and this is one way that is cheap because I just print it from my own computer! Have so much fun decorating:)

  4. Candice, you are so clever! That is the cutest party I've ever seen! And such a good idea to ask for books. Hope to see you guys soon. Miss ya!

  5. I just found your blog.
    Your images are beautiful - and so is your family!

    Are you a photographer?


  6. Dear Candice,
    I am currently missing my missionary like crazy, and my best friends and I are on our choir trip as we speak. We were looking up missionary stuff and somehow came across your blog. We're 17 and 18 yr old senior girls who have fallen in love with your life. (sorry for the MAJOR creeping.) I'm the only Mormon of the group, but you're living the life that we all want. Thanks for allowing us to continue to dream about our future fairytales.

    Love Always,
    Carly Case
    Shelby Bohlman
    Devon Lindsey
    Rebecca Scarborough

  7. Love your cute new Blog!! Your little girl is SO STINKING CUTE!!! What a darling party and your pictures are AMAZING!!!